Authenticity: How to let go of how people see you, and focus on how you see yourself

Authenticity: How to let go of how people see you, and focus on how you see yourself

We got real in LA with Camel Assembly... making friends, shooting the shit and showing off our latest arrivals.


Omenihu Dusk to Dawn eyewear

Chris Omenihu

"Constantly I remind myself that everyone may have an opinion of me, but that everyone's opinion doesn't matter. My opinion of myself will always be most important, since I have to live with my decisions. Mistakes and setbacks are just good omens of progress." 


abreahh dusk to dawn eyewear

Abreah Griffin

"Do shit. The more I do, the less I care about what others think. If you're doing, you're in the game and not in the bleachers. And focusing on your teammates wins, because you win too. Focus on helping others because, be less obsessed with yourself and that will help you be authentic. Create a perception of yourself based on how you treat others; it will also help your self-esteem.


iannis ctelin dusk to dawn eyewear

Yannis Ctelin

"I think having my own style makes me different, stronger and more confident. Sometimes people tell me that I must be confident to have style but in reality, I'm confident because my style is my own." 


myra hasson dusk to dawn eyewear

Myra Hasson

"If I find myself focusing on how others see me, I ask myself: why? Why do I care? Why is their perception important? I find myself realizing that how people see me isn't important after all. The self awareness has given me freedom, and the freedom to focus on how I see myself." 


eunice lee dusk to dawn eyewear

Eunice Lee

"There's so much noise about how we should behave! We're constantly changing and you really shouldn't have to define yourself to anyone but you. I practice tuning into my own frequency, exploring the erotic and playing. I focus on humanizing myself. I don't want my body to only be a site of trauma but of healing!



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